What do you do when you go to a site and it’s taking what seems like forever to load?  You leave right?  We all do…

The conversation about your website speed is two things: not sexy and necessary.

It is overwhelming common for site speed to be one of the first “fundamental” pieces we dig into for our clients.  In fact, we believe it is unethical to NOT address the issue first.

So why is it important to you? Here are the top three reasons (of many) to tackle your site speed:

ROI – simply put, you will earn more on your online investment.  When consumers search for your service or product, they are showing INTENT. That means they are at least warm traffic (and many times hot, hot, HOT).  If your site takes more than 3sec to load, 40% of your web traffic will abandon the site.  That’s 2 out of every 5 potential clients ditching out because your site was too slow!

Search Results Death – Let’s remember that Google is a business.  The goal of that business is to offer a great user experience so that they retain and gain new clients.  If your page speed is low and the user is dissatisfied…you will be PUNISHED!  This punishment comes in the form of lower rankings in searches for your type of service/product

You’ll spend more on ads (pay-per-click) – the landing page “”experience you offer affects your Ad Rank and therefore your CPC and position in the ad auction.  Your ads may show less often (or not at all) if they point to websites that offer a poor user experience.” – this comes straight from Google.  It goes for Facebook as well as they have announced that they will punish advertisers with slow sites.

More questions? Hit us up.  Hungry for more data?  Here you go! (courtesy of Kissmetrics)

  • 73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load.
  • 51% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that crashed, froze, or received an error.
  • 38% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that wasn’t available.
  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.
  • If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.