The average person checks their email fifteen times per day.

Unlike any other form of digital communication, our modern culture is absolutely dependent on email. It is still the most powerful marketing tool out there…if done correctly.

Email marketing should be the highest priority for any fitness professional. It allows you to build relationships and trust with an unlimited amount of clients and prospective clients in your market. When the time is right, you leverage that earned trust to sell new programs, up-sell current clientele, drive traffic to an event, and much more.

The issue for most fitness professionals, once again, is that it takes a huge amount of time and energy to do it correctly. You have to consistently offer valuable content that is educational, entertaining and engaging. When the time is right, you present the offer that will drive business through your doors.

The sheer volume of emails that are delivered to the average person’s inbox is overwhelming. So, standing out from the clutter is extremely important. It’s also very challenging.

The great news is that FMA can do all this for you in a very effective and efficient way. We will build your email list, nurture it with valuable and engaging content, and deliver sales offers when the iron is hot. Let us do the heavy lifting while you do more of what you enjoy most…helping others!