The playing field changes daily, but the rules stay the same.  When I owned my gym, I see now that I was just as guilty as anybody else.  I would see a new shiny opportunity to market my service and, in the swirl of activity, completely forget the basics.  I suggest you bookmark this article and look at it CONSTANTLY.  Let’s cover the top 5 fundamentals of marketing…

  1. Know your ideal client (i.e. “Avatar”) – discussed at length HERE.
  2. Know where to find them  What social media platforms does he frequent?  What zip code does he live in?  What does he do in his spare time?  Does he have kids?  What school do they go to?  Where does he get his news? 
  3. Know their “pain points” – What is it the keeps this person up at night?  What problem are you offering to solve for her?  Think long and hard on this one.  It will drive everything else.
  4. Know what to offer – Based upon #1 and #2, what offer can you present to this person to get them on the path to being your client?  Small steps are what you’re looking for.  If he is looking to lose fat, it’s best not to start with a 12-month personal training plus nutrition plan at $22,222.  You may know with confidence that this is the best program for him, and you can get him there over time.  BUT, baby steps are the way to go here.  A better option may be a free 20min private consultation plus 30-day nutrition plan (value of $222).  Get creative and use this as an opportunity to stand out.
  5. Know how you change their “Status” – Imagine your ideal client before the service you offer and then after.  What is the difference?  How is she different physically?  Emotionally?  Psychologically?  As a fitness professional, you can positively impact a person’s life DRAMATICALLY.  You need to be confident with that and have the ability to communicate it effectively.  You will come back to this insight often as you bring this person from a prospect to a lifelong client.  It will change as they change with you.

Anything to add?  Please let me know.