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The Fitness Industry is changing FAST.  This is where you stay one-step ahead as we cover topics that YOU (the modern fitness professional) truly care about.  How do we know? Well, we’re fitness professionals too.

Every week we talk to leaders in the fitness industry to uncover what makes them successful. We firmly believe that technology is changing our lives, and therefore, the industry faster than we can possibly fathom. Our job is to honor the past, but keep both eyes forward identifying trends and opportunities. The mission is simple…keep you (the fitness professional) informed and inspired to do great work and make a great living while doing it. Subscribe, tune in, and engage!

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Episodes List

The Modern Digital Nomad – Matt Walrath

The Modern Digital Nomad – Matt Walrath

Matt Walrath is the owner of Beyond Macros nutrition coaching, a company that helps clients get leaner, stronger, and perform better through sustainable habit changes rather than restrictive dieting. Beyond Macros provides both 1-on-1 and Group nutrition coaching, and...
Monetize Your Life Journey – Vito La Fata

Monetize Your Life Journey – Vito La Fata

Vito La Fata considers himself the NO BS business and marketing educator, personal brand coach, and certified high-performance trainer to the wellness and fitness professional who is looking to know how to grow a brand online so they can achieve success and income...
Authentically Bizarre to Sophisticated Marketer – Mark Fisher

Authentically Bizarre to Sophisticated Marketer – Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher is an in-demand international speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. His core expertise is helping business owners achieve financial success and personal freedom through community building, leadership development, and creating healthy organizational...
The “Berman Method” with Lisa Berman

The “Berman Method” with Lisa Berman

Lisa Berman is a graduate of the California College of Physical Arts, a Licensed Massage Therapist and maintains an active professional affiliation with the American Massage Therapy Association. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on...
Your Website Fitness – Theresa Smith of For Time Design

Your Website Fitness – Theresa Smith of For Time Design

Theresa is the founder of For Time Design and has more than 14 years of communications, design and development experience and loves to make her clients’ visions come to life. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies and a certificate in graphic and...

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