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The Fitness Industry is changing FAST.  This is where you stay one-step ahead as we cover topics that YOU (the modern fitness professional) truly care about.  How do we know? Well, we’re fitness professionals too.

Every week we talk to leaders in the fitness industry to uncover what makes them successful. We firmly believe that technology is changing our lives, and therefore, the industry faster than we can possibly fathom. Our job is to honor the past, but keep both eyes forward identifying trends and opportunities. The mission is simple…keep you (the fitness professional) informed and inspired to do great work and make a great living while doing it. Subscribe, tune in, and engage!

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Episodes List

Dr. Eric Goodman – Founder of Foundation Training

Dr. Eric Goodman – Founder of Foundation Training

Dr. Eric Goodman is the creator of Foundation Training and the author of “Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence.”  A graduate of the University of Central Florida, with a bachelor’s in health sciences and physiology,...
The Science of Selling Without Selling Out – Joey Percia

The Science of Selling Without Selling Out – Joey Percia

Joey Percia is a former fitness pro turned copywriter and marketing consultant. Over a decade ago, he started his career as a health and fitness professional. Now he writes, coaches, and consults with the same reputable coaches, brands, and companies he has looked up...
The Mental Side of  Training – Chrissy Barron

The Mental Side of Training – Chrissy Barron

Check out her new book: The Athlete’s Log for Mental & Physical Training Chrissy Barron was a former Collegiate Cheerleader at California State University Northridge where she competed on the university’s collegiate national team for three consecutive...
Using Surveys to Market Your Business – Dontre Doxley

Using Surveys to Market Your Business – Dontre Doxley

Dontre possesses a unique set of experiences and talent in the fitness business. Over the past 15+ years, he has built, owned or managed his facilities and coached other gym owners from the ground up and has been assisting other companies to grow their base and create...
Building a Home Business Through Social Media – Mike MacDonald

Building a Home Business Through Social Media – Mike MacDonald

“I help coachable and teachable professionals create freedom through a profitable home business” If you would like to know more or check out my free training on building a successful home business and effective social media marketing strategies, feel free to...
Physicology 101 – Michael Koth

Physicology 101 – Michael Koth

Promoting a positive and pro-active perspective for personal growth and development… Integrating body, mind, soul… Michael Koth is a personal trainer, spiritual counselor, versed in clinical and depth psychology, who has been ministering to the needs of clients for...

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