First off, WATCH THIS VIDEO.  Then read on…

I had driven by this gas station a number of times during my visit to Bend, OR.  It was always jam packed and I kept noticing little things.  The attendants dressed definitely (one was wearing a bow tie!).  At one point, while I was at the adjacent stop light, I saw an attendant give a female client a flower as she laughed and smiled.

This is a GAS STATION!  We’re talking petroleum here.  Almost everybody needs it and we choose our vendors almost always based upon two things – location and cost.  It’s a COMMODITY.

So I decided to drive 10min out of my way (which is a long way in the small city of Bend) to check it out.   There I met Kyel, and here’s what I learned:

  1. The employees are legitimately happy to be there – and it shows
  2. They great you with a huge smile, ask your name, ask you how your day is going – EVERY time
  3. Every client gets their windows washed – no charge
  4. Every client gets their oil checked – no charge
  5. Every dog gets a treat – no charge
  6. I didn’t even look at the gas prices because I was so overwhelmed with the experience (don’t tell my wife)
  7. I will go back across town to fill my tank for the remainder of my stay in Bend…LOYALTY

I’m sure there’s much more this business does at the customer level that I didn’t notice upon a single visit.  The point is that, amongst an ocean of options, they differentiate themselves with SERVICE.  Price comes secondary. 

How do you differentiate yourself as a fitness business?  How is your CLIENT EXPERIENCE special and unique?

If you do not know, you better get to it.  If you need help, call Kyel…or us.