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If you have a reliable memory of the way things were 5 years ago (or even just 2), compare it to what we have today in the context of digital marketing.  It’s scary different.  We have a seemingly endless arsenal at our disposal.

I know that it’s exciting to try the new things as the sheer volume of marketing tools expands exponentially. We get it. We nerd out harder than most.

All of the exciting new toys can be incredibly influential, IF…

If you are talking to the right people. Yes, I’m telling you to take 5 steps back and consider if you are talking to your ideal client.

Do you know your ideal client? What does he read? Where does she shop? What are their NEEDS and PAIN POINTS?

Digital Marketing Avatar

Who are your Avatars?


Sometimes this is easy. Perhaps, you are your ideal client or you are surrounded by them. Sometimes it’s much easier to assume…

…and there you have it. The BIGGEST and most common marketing mistake we see on a day-to-day basis. Assume nothing!

Do your research up front. Interview them and dive deep into their day-to-day struggles and how your service and/or product relates to them.

Then talk to them (email, social media, webinars, or just over coffee). Then talk to them some more. Educate. Entertain. Engage.

When the time is right and the message is on-point, you will deliver the goods and improve their lives.