“Funnel” is a fashionable term nowadays in the fitness industry.  For the sake of our one-way conversation, let’s define the term.  Our friends at Digital Marketer state simply that a conversion funnel is:

“A multi-step, multi-modality campaign that seamlessly and subtly leads a prospect toward the desired action.”

Put another way, we are guiding consumers through different phases from initial awareness of your product/service to purchase and finally to retention and up-sells.  Most commonly nowadays, Facebook and email are used, but options are increasing daily.

It’s incredibly common for us to see clients come to us with funnels that are put together hastily and missing key (and fundamental) components.  This costs the clients money and, most importantly, TIME.  Here are five ways that we see fitness professionals suffering from “leaky funnel syndrome”…

  1. Underperforming Website – We discussed site speed and a few of its implications.  The fact is that your website is your digital storefront and your funnel should lead consumers to it.  If your website is off (loading time, ease of navigation, etc.), they will leave the store.
  2. Ignoring the Prospect’s Stage – If the consumer is just hearing of you for the first time, it’s not the time to hit them up for a $3000 service.  Likewise, if she has already invested in you, why waste her time with do-it-yourself services while trust is high.  Depending on where the consumer is in the funnel (cold, warm, hot) will dictate the right message/offer at the right time in the right place.
  3. Not Capturing Info – This is so basic, yet so overlooked!  We see funnels that lead people directly to purchase pages or appointment schedulers, but completely disregard capturing the consumer’s email and contact info.  That’s the priority.
  4. Incongruent Throughout – When you look at the journey you are taking consumers on, is it consistent with branding, imagery, messaging, etc.?  Are you trying to sell an all women’s boot camp, but the landing page is covered with photos of shirtless men throwing heavy barbells?  Even the slightest change in color scheme can spring leaks!
  5. Lack of Follow-Up – You have to assume that the consumer is going to get pulled away at some point (the phone rings, the baby cries, etc).  Having follow-up email series’ that keep in mind the consumer stage is extremely important.  Retargeting campaigns are crucial as well but more advanced.

How healthy are your funnels?  Let us know. We are here to help!